Institute of Paramedical Science

The Prime concern of the Institute is to develop patterns of teaching in Paramedical education so as to demonstrate a high standard of Paramedical Education to all Paramedical Institute across the country.
The other important objective of institute is to attain self sufficiency.

Our aim is to provide an educational programme through which the Paramedical/Nursing Graduates will be prepared to assume responsibility in the primary, secondary and tertiary care of people, as professional technicians/nurses. It is expected that graduates are capable of teaching and supervising appropriate paramedical/nursing and health care in different cities and participate in the administration of paramedical/nursing service and education in India and abroad.


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Charitable Foundation

Spreading Smiles since 2006

CHL in association with Smile Train, New York has been delivering free surgeries to children born with cleft lip & palate since 2006. Cleft lip & palate is a birth deformity of the face in which we see a split in the upper lip & roof of the mouth. This deformity affects one child in every 800 live births in India.
In the last 11 years we have successfully operated on more than 7000 children affected from this deformity. We have organized free surgical camps in Myanmar & remote places of MP. Our cleft centre has been recognized internationally for providing surgical training to budding surgeons.

We have made a short documentary on this life changing program which received 2 International awards (In US & Indonesia).

Watch documentary on

Our work has been recognized internationally by the Smile Train - New York by felicitating us with Global Leadership award for 2015.

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Medicine Oncology

The Department of Oncology has a comprehensive cancer care programme providing various Cancer screening services. The systematic approach includes a workup diagnosis and treatment planning of the cancer to help prevent and manage any complications. The focus is on conservation of the involved organ as much as possible, without compromising on safety of the patient and the return to normal life as soon as possible.


We use latest state of the art equipments and chemotherapy/targeted therapy and immune therapy. All therapies are administered under strict guidance of current standards of care.

Surgical Oncology

We at CHL Hospital 114 provides all kinds of complex onco-surgery procedures including abdominal cancer. We perform Conservative onco-surgery for carcinoma breast, urological cancer, gynaec cancer, head & neck cancer and complex thoracic (Lung/Foodpipe) cancer surgeries with mini thoracotomy (small incision).

  • Oncoplastic breast cancer surgeries
  • Conservative Laryngeal Surgeries
  • Thoracic tumor resections
  • Submental flaps for head & neck reconstruction

Radiation Oncology

The Department has various unique performances accelerator with IMRT and Rapid arc techniques. It is well equipped with state of art equipments and techniques needed to deliver quality treatment and care to our patients. The team consist qualified and experienced Radiation oncologists, Radiation Physicist and Radiation Technologists and other supportive medical staff.

  • 2D, 3D radiation Therapy (3 DCRT)
  • Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and rapid arc with latest and advanced and portal Imaging device (45-1000) with exact arm and IAS3 module for 2D image guidance.
  • Department has 128 slice CT scan simulator.

Centre for Neurosciences

The Department of Neurology provides treatment for people with neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, stroke, epilepsy, Wilson Disease, diagnosis and treatment of paralytic disorders, sleep disorders, multidisciplinary assessment and management of multiple sclerosis, headaches and other forms of brain injuries.

  • Complex cranial cases
  • Minimally invasive endoscopic Neurosurgery
  • Team of highly trained and experienced Neurosurgeons
  • Treat other complex procedures like Brain tumors, Craniovertebral Junction Abnormalities, Pituitary Tumours, Cerebral Aneurysm and AVM, Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Minimally-Invasive Spine Surgery, Spine Tumours, Spinal Dysraphism, Trigeminal Neuralgia and Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Brain Tumours.
  • Neuronavigations
  • CUSA
  • Neuro endoscope
  • Frameless stereotaxy
  • 128 Channel Intraoperative EEG, EMG

Department of Radiology

The Department of Radiology provides a full range of radiological services related to PET Scan, Brachytherapy, MRI, 128 slice CT, Ultrasound, Digital Mammography, Digital X-Rays and intervention procedures.

  • 16 channel .1.5 test MRI
  • World class ultra sonography machine
  • Digital X-ray
  • Digital Mammography
  • BMD
  • OPG
  • CT and USG guided procedure and biopsy, drainage, pigtail cathelic insertion

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Welcome to CHL Group

At CHL Hospitals 114, some of the country’s best healthcare providers and technical staff help you heal and feel comforted as you experience world-class technology, innovative health care solutions, and clinical expertise that’s always focused on you.

From the pioneers in medical services, CHL 114 provides the most advanced cancer care. Our comprehensive care is delivered by a team of oncologists, radiation oncologists, surgeons, and other cancer care providers along with support therapists to best manage and prevent long-lasting side effects of cancer.

The Department of Gastroenterology features one of the city's top multidisciplinary teams of highly specialized Gastroenterologists & Gastro Surgeons providing comprehensive care.

Our state-of-the-art Critical Care Unit, with both negative and positive pressure isolation rooms, delivers compassionate and expert care to critically ill patients admitted to the hospital.

The Department of Radiology provides a full range of radiology services related to PET Scan, Gamma Camera, Brachytherapy, 3 Tesla MRI, 128 Slice CT, Ultrasound, Digital Mammography, Digital X-Rays, and intervention procedures.


[See rules 6(5), 13(8), 16(6) and 20 (2)]

To be submitted to State Pollution Control Board by 30th day of June of every year for the preceding period April to March. 

1.  Name and address of facility: CHL CHARITABLE TRUST
2.  Authorization No. and Date of issue: AWHB-92340,16/10/2021 
3.  Name of the authorized person and full address with telephone, fax number and e-mail: Milind Ayachit, D G M - HR, CHL Hospitals, Indore. 0731-4774446, mayachit@chlhospitals.com  
4.  Production during the year (product wise), wherever applicable 

Part A. To be filled by hazardous waste generators 
1.  Total quantity of waste generated category wise: NIL 
2.  Quantity dispatched: N/A
(i) to disposal facility
(ii) to recycler or co-processors or pre-processor
(iii) others
3.  Quantity utilized in-house, if any – N/A 
4.  Quantity in storage at the end of the year – N/A 

Part B. To be filled by Treatment, storage and disposal facility operators N/A 
1.  Total quantity received -  
2.  Quantity in stock at the beginning of the year - 
3.  Quantity treated – 
4.  Quantity disposed in landfills as such and after treatment– 
5.  Quantity incinerated (if applicable) - 
6.  Quantity processed other than specified above - 
7.  Quantity in storage at the end of the year- 

Part C. To be filled by recyclers or co-processors or otherusersN/A 
1.   Quantity of waste received during the year –
(i) domestic sources
(ii) imported (if applicable) 
2.  Quantity in stock at the beginning of the year -      
3.  Quantity recycled or co-processed or used – 
4.  Quantity of products dispatched (wherever applicable) – 
5.  Quantity of waste generated- 
6.  Quantity of waste disposed - 
7.  Quantity re-exported (wherever applicable)- 
8.  Quantity in storage at the end of the year-  

Date……………….. Place……………….

Signature of the Occupier or Operator of the disposal facility

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