Fetal Medicine

“The secret of our success is that we never, never give up.”
-Wilma M.

What We Do?

Madhya Pradesh’s first dedicated Fetal Medicine Unit. The department is involved in using various diagnostic procedures to determine the health of the unborn child and to manage all kinds of complicated pregnancies. It specializes in Prenatal Diagnosis, advanced fetal care and comprehensive fetal care from in-utero diagnosis.

The centre specializes in performing ultrasound scans during various stages of pregnancy, invasive diagnostic, therapeutic intrauterine procedures and genetic counseling.

Highlights of Department

The department was recognized and Madhya Pradesh’s first centre to perform intrauterine fetal blood transfusion for RH iso-immunized pregnancy.

The department also boasts of FMF accredited operators, dedicated screening for Down’s syndrome and pre-natal diagnosis of genetic conditions like Thalassemia, Muscular dystrophies etc.

Technology We Use

• State of the art USG machine for fetal imaging.

• Software for risk prediction for Down’s syndrome and pre-eclampsia.


Dr. Sushmita Namdeo

Fetal Medicine
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+91 722 300 2000

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Dr. Sushmita Namdeo
Fetal Medicine
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A B Road, Near LIG Square, Indore
Phone: +91 731 4774444 / 254 9090

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