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Dr. Alok Kumar Udiya

Interventional Radiologist
Interventional Radiologist
MBBS, MD PDCC (Neuroradiology and Gastroradiology)
PDCC (Neuroradiology ) SGPGIMS, Lucknow; PDCC (HPBIR Radiology) ILBS, New Delhi; FINR (Switzerland).


Interventional Radiology (Neuro and Body Intervention).


Post MD 4 years experience.


Gold Medal in Patrology and Pediatrics; Knowing all cross sectional Radiological modality with special interest in Interventional Radiology (Neuro and Body Intervention); Endovascular Surgeon; Experience in Transplant Radiology and Transplant Related Intervention.

Services Offered

All Body and Neuro Intervention; TIPS (For CLD patient) Transplant Intervention; BRTO (For gastric varices); PTBD with metallic stenting for failed ERCP; GI bleed /Renal Bleed embolisation; Cebtral aneurysm Coiling /Stroke vessels; Treatment for Budd–chairi syndrome; All minimal invasive services; Renal/carotid peripheral arterial interventions; Bronchial Artery embolisation stenting ; Fistula related intervention; Dialysis related intervention; Tumor embolisation; Epistaxis embolisation; Biopsy (USG, CT guided); Drain placement (For collection); CCF embolisation; Vericose vien ablation (RFA and Laser); Radio frequency ablation for liver, breast and lung lesions.

Special Cases

BRTO for Gastric Varices (Done at only 4 -5 centres in India);

Hepatobiliary Intervention.


IRIA Life member ISVIR Life member ESR (Correspondence member)

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