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‍With the permission to now conduct Heart Transplants, CHL is the first Hospital in the State performing all four Transplantations- Kidney, Liver, Heart & Bone marrow under one roof.

The first Heart transplant was conducted on 19th August 2017 by our expert team comprising of Dr.Manish Porwal and Dr.Pradeep Pokharna from CHL Hospital Indore and Dr. Anvay Muley and Dr.Vijay Jethi from Fortis Hospital (Mumbai). The young 22 year old recipient received the heart from a donor in Surat for which a special green corridor was created. The patient was eventually discharged from CHL after the success and recovery from the operation.

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CHL Hospitals has also started its Heart Transplant Clinic to evaluate and counsel prospective recipients of a heart transplant. Patient diagnosed with associated issues can now consult our experts in Heart transplant clinic every Thursday between 4:00 - 6:00 PM.

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