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CHL Hospital, Indore: Dr. Tanuj Shrivastava (Consultant - Surgical Oncology) performed a 'Commando surgery with mandibular reconstruction' in a morbidly obese patient.

The patient was in advanced stage Cancer - left cheek and required a surgery at the earliest. The patient had been rejected by many hospitals as commando surgery for such a morbidly obese patient (175 kgs.) was a high risk one. However, CHL Cancer Team undertook this challenge and conducted such a surgery for the very first time.

For this, a separate OT table was designed to accommodate the weight of over 175 kgs. The surgery was performed with resection of the disease and the jaw bone, along with the restoration of a reconstructed jaw bone from the leg bone by a plastic surgeon, to ensure the patient could lead a normal life in the future.

The surgery carried on for approximately 11 hours. The postop saw some chest complications which were promptly dealt with by the Chest physician and other ICU doctors. With the combined efforts of our expert team of doctors, OT and nursing staff, the procedure was successful and the patient was discharged in a stable condition after 15 days.

The tumour has been completely removed and the patient recovery has been good, though it still may take him a few months adjust to this reconstructed bone.

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