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Brain Tumors are no longer an unusual or uncommon disease and we get to hear many people being diagnosed to have brain tumor. Much of the diagnostic capabilities have increased due to better availability of specialists and highly trained doctors along with excellent scanning facilities namely MRI and CT scan. These are now easily available even in the smaller towns. Patients are now more aware than before and seek the right treatment at the right time.

Amongst brain tumors, Gliomas are the dominant type of tumors. Half the diagnosed tumors are of this type. It is also unfortunately a high type of cancerous tumor. Treatment depends upon early diagnosis and a good surgery. MRI scans shows well about the extent of tumor and help in planning the surgery.

There is a new modality that is being used for better excision of these tumors in the leading centres world over and in our city by Dr Pranav Ghodgaonkar (Chief Neurosurgeon, CHL Hospitals, Indore) who is trained in brain surgery from Tuebingen University, Germany. The Ultra Sonography ( USG) that was being used to diagnose abdominal diseases is now being used to see and remove the tumor from brain at CHL Hospital, Indore. The tool shows the tumor in continuous flow and help to assess the extent of excision and remove tumor completely with practically no damage to the brain. Results so far have been highly encouraging.

Dr. Ghodgaonkar plans to expand the use of Ultra Sonography in all such patients. Ultra Sonography is cost effective, easily available and easy to use. It does not have any bad effect on the brain while in use or later and is sure to help many patients.

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