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CHL Hospitals, Indore received the State Government Approval of 3 years (June 2014 to June 2017) for cancer treatment (Cancer Surgeries, Chemotherapy and supportive treatment) and Orthopaedic Surgeries (Total Hip replacement, Total Knee Replacement, Total Elbow Joint Replacement, Total Shoulder Joint Replacement and Partial Hip Replacement) of State Government Employees and their dependents and BPL Card Holders.


CHL-Hospitals is in association with Smile Train, an NGO of USA, together we perform Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate surgeries free of cost to the patients. Till date we have treated more than 5000 poor patients spending about Rs 1 Crore towards this noble cause. The Smile Train is focused on solving a single problem : Cleft lip and Cleft palate. Our mission is to provide free cleft surgeries for millions of poor patients in developing countries and to provide cleft-related training for doctors and medical professional. Every single child with a cleft can be treated with a surgery that costs approximately Rs 20,000 (free to the patient) and takes about 45 minutes or less.

A warm welcome,

We started first hospital in our city Indore with a subtle vision: to bridge the gap between you and affordable healthcare. We are pioneers in bringing best of the times healthcare technology to Madhya Pradesh and have always raised standards. Our rich history speaks for itself. You feel safe in our hands, is what we pray for.
We run our hospital as per the top norms for a hospital in India and our services reflect our passion for healthcare. God heals us all and we are merely the carriers. Together, it's our responsibility to be aware and spread awareness in order to be fit and healthy. When we are sick, it is not only us who face the stress, it's even more painful to our loved ones who wait for us to be healthy again. Your health is not just your wealth; it's your family's, society's and even the nation's wealth. Our healthy generation will inspire and produce a smarter generation.
Let's make a promise to ourselves that we will medically insure all our loved ones and go for a health check up at least once a year. Give these gifts to your family; the real secret to happiness. We are always there for you.




Managing Director


Technical Director
CHL Hospitals is well equipped with the following Set up and has the following salient features :
  • 225 Bedded Hospital
  • 36 Bedded Intensive Care Unit
  • 4 Super Deluxe Rooms
  • 10 Bedded Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • 12 Bedded High Dependency Unit (HDU)
  • 6 Post Operative Recovery Beds
  • 10 Operation Theaters inclusive of 2 Gynae OT's
  • 1 Labor Room and 1 Post Labor Room
  • 24 Hours, 5 Bedded Casualty Wing
  • 2 Advanced Cardiac Catheterization Lab
  • 33 OPD Chambers
  • 125 Consultants & 250 Nursing Staff
  • Centralized Oxygen & Suction
  • Dialysis Unit
  • 128 slice CT (Can do Coronary CT Angiography in 5 cardiac beats with high sensitivity)
  • Endoscopy Unit
  • EEG & EMG Machines
  • 24 hours services of well equipped Ambulance
  • In House Kitchen with qualified Dieticians
  • 24 hours Pharmacy Services and Chemist Shop
  • 24 hours 64 slice MRI (1.5T)/ CT scan and X-Ray Services
  • 24 hours Blood Bank and Component Therapy
  • 24 hours Pathology Services
  • Innovative Health Check Up Scheme's
  • Trained Nursing Staff
  • Ante Natal Clinic
  • Trained Bio-Medical Engineers
  • Centralized Oxygen & Suction
  • Linear Accelerator Radiation Machine (2DRT, 3DCRT, IMRT & Rapid ARC)
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CHL-Group of Hospitals, a trusted name in healthcare, is owned by Convenient Hospitals Ltd., with an aim to provide Specialized and Affordable Healthcare with the Best Doctors, Management and Paramedical Staff. We constantly upgrade ourselves to provide quality treatment to you.

CHL Campus is in downtown Indore with 2 state of the art modern facilities. A tertiary care hospital, CHL-Hospitals-LIG, is the pioneer multi-specialty hospital of the city with every department equipped with latest infrastructure. CHL Hospitals-114, the latest addition to the CHL family, is a (Comprehensive Cancer & Gastro Care) center serving all the modalities of Oncology & Gastroenterology.

CHL has a large pool of doctors- Local and National. We provide round the clock facility without denying any patient- rich or poor. Our nursing staff is trained frequently to be updated with the latest advancements in the field of healthcare. Our Institute of Paramedical Sciences generates quality professionals that serve our group of hospitals.

We care a lot about quality and are very sincere in following ethical practices in the hospital field. Our pathology lab is the first lab of MP to receive NABL accreditation, the best in the class.

The hospital enjoys the reputation of being the first to begin Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery and Coronary Angioplasty, Minimal Invasive Video Assisted Thoracoscopic Valve Replacement surgeries, Awake Open Heart Surgery, Minimally Invasive Video Assisted Off Pump CABG, Total Arterial (LIMA - RIMA 'Y' Graft) Off Pump CABG, Minimally Invasive Video Assisted Thoracoscopic ASD/VSD Closure, Catheter-Based Interventions, Advanced and Minimally Invasive Neurological Surgeries, Gastro Laparoscopic Surgeries, Hip & Knee Replacement, Onco Surgery and other Gynae and Pediatric Surgeries in Central India.


CHL Hospital-LIG


  • 24 Hrs. Emergency Room / Casualty Ambulance Service (Cardiac / Non Cardiac, Pediatric)
  • IPD- Admissions, Billing
  • Mediclaim / Insurance Dept.
  • Administration
  • Patient waiting area
  • Kitchen / Canteen
  • Maintenance and Engineering Department
  • Dietetics Department
  • Centralized Stores
  • 24 Hrs. Pharmacy
  • Outpatient department (OPDs)
  • 24 hours NABL Pathology Lab
  • Department of Radiology(64 Slice CT Scan, X-Ray, Ultra Sound, Color Doppler, 1.5 T MRI)
  • Department of Cardiology(TMT, Stress Echo, Holter)
  • Department of Gastroenterology
  • Department of Internal Medicine
  • Executive Health Check Up department


  • Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
    Gen. Ward (189-191) Semi Private Ward (187-188) Private Ward (181-184) Deluxe (185)
  • Gynae OT, Labor Room
  • Infertility Center (IVF Unit)
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Blood Bank
  • Department of Neurology-EEG / EMG / Memory Clinic
  • Department of Pathology Histopathology Department


  • Department of Paediatrics Gen. Ward (291-295)
    Semi Private Ward (285-290) Private Ward (280-284)
  • Department of Ophthalmology
  • Nephrology Department / Dialysis Unit
  • Department of Audiology
  • Dental Department (Axiss)
  • General Ward (235-252)
  • Semi-Private (230-234) Twin Sharing Wards (201-229)
  • H.D.U- Step Down ICU
  • Biomedical Engineering Dept.
  • ENT Department
  • Department of Fetal Medicine
  • Department of Urology and Urodynamics
  • Department of Dermatology


  • General Ward(326-330 & 331-347)
  • Semi-Private (321-325) / Twin Sharing Wards
  • Private Ward (301-322)
  • Super Deluxe Ward (323)
  • HR & Accounts & Quality Assurance Deptartment
  • Department of Respiratory Medicine (PFT)
  • Auditorium
  •  IT Department



  • Chief Quality Officer
  • Medical Record Office
  • Department of Physiotherapy
  • Private Wards (424-431)
  • Deluxe (401-416) & Super Deluxe Wards (421-423)


  • Operation Theatres
  • Patient Waiting Area
  • Cardiology Complex (Cath Lab)
  • CSSD

CHL Hospitals-114


  • 24 Hrs. Emergency Room / Casualty Ambulance Service
  • IPD- Admissions, Billing
  • Mediclaim / Insurance Dept.
  • Administration
  • Patient waiting area
  • Kitchen / Canteen
  • Maintenance and Engineering Department
  • Dietetics Department
  • 24 Hrs. Pharmacy
  • Outpatient department (OPDs)
  • 24 hours NABL Pathology Lab
  • Department of Radiology(64 Slice CT Scan, X-Ray, Ultra Sound, Color Doppler, 1.5 T MRI)
  • Department of Gastroenterology
  • Department of Internal Medicine
  • Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics
    Gen. Ward (189-191) Semi Private Ward (187-188) Private Ward (181-184) Deluxe (185)
  • Gynae OT, Labor Room
  • Infertility Center (IVF Unit)
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Blood Bank
  • Department of Neurology-EEG / EMG / Memory Clinic

    1st FLOOR

  • Department of Pathology Histopathology Department


  • Department of Paediatrics Gen. Ward (291-295)
    Semi Private Ward (285-290) Private Ward (280-284)
  • Department of Ophthalmology
  • Nephrology Department / Dialysis Unit
  • Department of Audiology
  • Dental Department (Axiss)
  • General Ward (235-252)
  • Semi-Private (230-234) Twin Sharing Wards (201-229)
  • H.D.U- Step Down ICU
  • Biomedical Engineering Dept.


We hope the information in this section will help you to prepare for your visit and reassure you that you will be safe and comfortable during your stay with us.
Our aim is to create a caring environment, which will promote a speedy recovery. You will be looked after by a team of staff who are highly trained and dedicated. This includes our Consultant, supported by a range of other health care professionals,
to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible. We encourage patients and their relatives to get involved with their care at every point. Our nursing and medical
team will discuss and plan your care with you and tell you what preparations need to be made before your treatment. Please feel free to discuss your care with them and ask any questions you may have.


We understand that coming into a hospital as an inpatient or a day care patient can be an unsettling experience.
There are few things you can do before you arrive at the hospital which will make your admission smooth and stress free :

1. CHL Patient Guide
This guide forms part of the terms and conditions of admission. This document also clearly details the terms and conditions applicable to insured and self-funding patients.

2. Mediclaim/Insured Patient - Pre-Authorization
It is important to check for any exclusion or benefit limits before commencement of treatment. Most private medical insurance companies now require claims to be authorized before a patient may be treated at a private hospital. If confirmation of cover cannot be obtained by the time of admission / registration, you will be treated as self funding (if not conveyed to the mediclaim department within 24 hours of admission) and asked to pay a deposit or settle the account in full and claim back from your insurer. Exclusions may be due to your previous medical condition or to a general exclusion within your policy, For Example: pregnancies following assisted conception treatment.
In case of emergency, after you get admitted you are supposed to deposit all documents at Mediclaim counter (within 24 hrs. of your hospitalization).

3. Fasting
You may need to fast or stop eating and drinking before your operation or procedure; please discuss this with your Consultant a day prior to your admission.

4. Medication
You will need to bring along with you any medication that you are taking, to ensure that the medication does not interfere with the treatment you receive and so that the clinical team can compile an accurate record of the medication you are taking.
We require you to bring in:
• Any medicine that you are taking prescribed by your doctor.
• Any written instructions supplied by your doctor such as a repeat prescription form or a letter.

5. Valuables
We advise that valuables are not brought into the hospital wherever possible. We do not accept any responsibility for any loss. Please do not bring the following items with you : Valuables, Large sums of Cash, Jewellery, Cheque Books, Credit or Debit cards (the Hospital will not assume any liability for these).

6. Parking
Parking is limited at CHL Hospitals, you can use the front parking area facing the main building, where the security guards will be there to help you. You can also use the parking at CHL-CBCC Cancer Center adjacent to the main CHL building. CHL is not liable for any damage to the vehicle or theft be it parked inside or outside.

7. On Your Arrival
On your arrival, either for planned admissions or in emergency, you first need to contact the Emergency Department, where a team of doctors are available round the clock. From there, you will be directed to the room or to the admission office. The patient registration guide contains details on what information you will need to know before you can go to your room.

Please ensure you arrive at the time indicated by your consultant, to avoid any unnecessary delays.
8. Clinical Admission
Soon after your arrival in your room or day care area a nurse will come to admit you. If you have already undergone pre-assessment the nurse will go through some of the details to confirm your current fitness and readiness for admission. If you have not been pre-assessed the nurse will carry out a comprehensive nursing assessment or a series of pre operative tests, taking a concise medical and social history with a number of routine measurements.

9. Your Accommodation
The rooms of our patients are single occupancy, or double rooms with direct-dial telephone, air-conditioning and en-suite bathroom. Every room contains a copy of the Patient Welcome Guide which describes the full range of inpatient services available in the Hospital in more detail. You can also see our Section-7 (Page-12 & 13) for details.

10. Pharmacy
24 hours pharmacy services are available & situated at the ground floor.

11. Cafeteria
For patients, every meal would be provided from hospital cafeteria. For patient's attendants no food will be allowed in the room. For them Cafeteria is situated on first floor, outside left side as you leave the main reception.


Bed or room will be allotted depending on your choice and availability. Sometimes you may have to wait for the room
of your choice. Please bear with us for any inconvenience.


Particular Wards General Ward Twin Sharing Ward Private Deluxe Super Deluxe
Medical & Surgical Beds Intensive care unite 20,000 20,000 20,000 30,000 30,000
ICU 40,000 40,000 40,000 40,000 40,000
H.D.U. (High Dependency Unit) 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000
NICU & PICU 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000 20,000


Particular Wards General Ward Twin Sharing Ward Private Deluxe Super Deluxe
Wards 1,750 3,500 6,000 8,000 10,000
ICU & ICCU 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000 8,000
Transplant recovery room 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000
H.D.U. 6,500 6,500 6,500 6,500 6,500
NICU & PICU 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000
(Rates in Rupees per bed per day)


1. File Processing Charge - Rs. 450/-
2. Surgery packages and procedure tariff list is available separately.
3 In case of patient admitted under package and shifted from lower category to higher category, all charges applicable to higher category will be charged from the date of admission.
4. If shifted from ICU, higher category charges will be applicable from the date of admission.
5. Discharge process can take 2 - 3 hours.
4. We accept foreign currency.




Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Comp. Ltd. + Cigna Health Solutions India Pvt. Ltd. + Dedicated Healthcare Services (india) Pvt. Ltd. Future Generali India Insurance Comp. Ltd. HDFC Ergo General Insurance Comp. Ltd. ICICI Lombard General Insurance Comp. Ltd. ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Comp. Ltd. IFFCO Tokio General Insurance Comp. Ltd. Max Bupa Health Insurance Comp. Ltd. Paramount Health Services Pvt. Ltd. Med Save Healthcare Ltd. Religare Health Insurance Ltd.


+ E - Meditek (TPA) Services Ltd. - Family Health Plan (TPA) Ltd. + Health India TPA Pvt. Ltd. • Heritage Health TPA Pvt. Ltd. Medi Assist India TPA Pvt. Ltd. MD India Healthcare Services (TPA) Pvt. Ltd. Raksha TPA Pvt. Ltd. Spurthi Meditech (TPA) Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Vidal Health TPA Pvt. Ltd. + United Healthcare Parekh TPA Pvt. Ltd. Vipul Med Corp TPA Pvt. Ltd.


General Ward

The Hospital currently has 225 beds for inpatient treatment. General Ward beds are provided with a stool for patient's attendant and a cabinet for safe keeping of medicines. Bathrooms and toilet facilities are provided in each wing of a ward and are shared by all patients in that wing. One movable dining table also provided for each patient.

Semi-Private Ward

Semi-Private Rooms are air-conditioned rooms for shared occupancy, with television, telephone, attached bathroom and a couch for the attendant. One movable dining table also provided for each patient.

Private Ward

Private Rooms are single occupancy, air-conditioned rooms with attached bathroom, television, telephone facilities, one easy chair with center table, refrigerator and a sofa cum bed for the attendant.


Deluxe Rooms are air-conditioned rooms with attached bathroom, telephone, television, refrigerator, one easy chair with center table, sofa and a bed for the attendant.

Super Deluxe Room

Super Deluxe Rooms are air-conditioned rooms with attached bathroom, telephone, television, refrigerator, 2 sofa sets with center table, computer with Internet facility, Microwave Oven, Electric cattle and a bed for the attendant.

ICU Facilities

ICU, HDU, Neonatal ICU, Paediatric ICU : Bed Side Monitors with Ventilators, Medical Gases, Defibrillator.

  • CVTS is 11 bedded centrally monitored ICCU with duty Doctor, Nursing staff 1:1 ratio, facilities of Ventilator, Central Oxygen supply, IABP Balloon Pump, Infusion pumps, air mattress, Monitor with heart rate, Pulse rate, Temperature, Respiratory rate, SPO2, PA, ETCO2, Cardiac output CVP and BP.
  • ICU is 13 bedded centrally monitored ICCU with duty Doctor, facilities of Ventilator, Central Oxygen supply, IABP Balloon Pump, Infusion pumps, air mattress, Monitor with heart rate, Pulse rate, Temperature, Respiratory rate, SPO2, PA, ETCO2, Cardiac output CVP and BP.
  • ISOLATION unit is 4 bedded for H1 N1 patient with facility of Ventilator, Central Oxygen supply, IABP Balloon Pump, Infusion pumps, air mattress, Monitor with heart rate, Pulse rate, Temperature, Respiratory rate, SPO2, PA, ETCO2, Cardiac output CVP and BP.
  • SURGICAL ICU is 8 bedded with duty Doctor, facilities of Ventilator, Central Oxygen supply, IABP Balloon Pump, Infusion pumps, air mattress, Monitor with heart rate, Pulse rate, Temperature, Respiratory rate, SPO2, PA, ETCO2, Cardiac output CVP and BP.

    All rooms have facilities of central supply of oxygen and vacuum in addition to call bell system.


To bridge the gap between patients and healthcare by providing affordable and accessible medical services with love, care and commitment.


Delivering the best healthcare solutions by constantly upgrading our services, medical Know —how and technology. We strive to provide equal care to everyone regardless of caste, religion or socio-economic status.


Compassion : Love, healing nursing care and best of the trained doctors is what our healthcare group is proud of and patient care is our first priority.

Professionalism: Team of professionals taking utmost care of the facility, hygiene, staff training and robust technical infrastructure of the hospital. We strive to provide complete care and satisfaction to the patient.

Teamwork: Our doctors, nurses, paramedics, medical technicians, patient-care and administrative staff, together form a family and we run our group to achieve our goal — equal healthcare rights for everyone.

Ethics & Respect : We believe in working ethically without any prejudice or greed. Our Management and Staff truly respect the lives of people and everyone deserves fair treatment and love.



Cath Procedures


Coronary Angiographies


Open Heart and By Pass Surgeries


Coronary Angioplasty and Stenting


Hip/Knee Replacement




In-Patients Admissions














CT Scan




Once you receive the CHL Club Card you are automatically enrolled in our privileged guests list. This card gives you lots of benefits :

  • Priority admission & appointments.
  • Discounts designed for your family.
  • Saves your precious time every time you come to CHL.
  • Personalized health records saved with us for life time.
  • Membership to all our clubs & groups.
  • Receive information on Health Camps, Health Talks, Seminars and Goodies.



a) Diet is an integral part of your medication, therefore food from outside sources is       strictly not     allowed. Our dieticians, in association with your doctor, will assess your diet needs. You are advised to     follow the diet instructions specified by them for a speedy recovery.
b) You will be given a vegetarian cuisine. Religious sentiments of the patients will be considered while        deciding on the diets. Kindly inform the dietician of the same. Our service timings are as follows :-

  Breakfast 8.30 am to 9.30 am
  Lunch 12.30 pm to 1.30 pm
  Afternoon Tea 4.00 pm to 5.00 pm
  Dinner 7.15 pm to 8.30 pm

c) Once a diet has been designed as per your specific needs we do not advocate any change in quantity     or otherwise, as it may prove detrimental to your health.
d) For diet counselling you can contact us on intercom no. 1154, 1583 between 9.00 am to 11.00 am and     12.00 pm to 7.00 pm
e) 'Food Pass' is issued for patient only (on request). Wherever 'Food Pass' is issued to the patient the      hospital will abstain from providing any food to such patient.


a) Housekeeping department will look after the cleanliness of your room. Your room will be cleaned twice a  day by the housekeepers and also when the need arises.
b) Hot water is available from 6.00 am to 11.00 am only.
c) As water is in short supply, kindly ensure minimum wastage.
d) Newspapers will be provided in all wards and rooms.
e) To ensure dustfree atmosphere to the patient, kindly keep your windows closed.
f) Kindly avoid flushing any material like cotton bandages, sanitary napkins etc. in the toilets. We solicit    your cooperation and support in keeping your hospital clean. Chewing paan / betel nut / smoking or    consuming alcohol in the hospital premises is STRICTLY PROHIBITED. Please do not dispose waste /    rubbish anywhere except into bins provided for the purpose. Help us in making this hospital an    environment friendly zone.


a) One attendant is allowed per patient in the rooms except in General ward. After visiting hours it is      mandatory for the attendant to carry the Pass issued at the time of admission. The attendant      should vacate the room, when the patient is shifted to ICU/Recovery/OT. However if attendants wish      to retain the room, it can be provided subject to availability on payment of additional room      charges.
b) Outside food articles are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in the rooms for patients as well as attendants.      Canteen may be used by the attendants.
c) Only one "ATTENDANT PASS" will be issued per patient.


Super Deluxe, Deluxe, Private and Twin sharing rooms are provided with television & D2H service. There is a choice of programmes in various languages.


1. Cafeteria which is located in the New Wing, 1st Floor is open between 8.00am to 10.00pm for the    convenience of your visitors or attendants.
2. KITCHEN SERVICES - Facility of meals for attendants is there in the cafeteria. Meals for patients from     outside is strictly prohibited, It is requested to please take the meals provided to you as per the     Dietician's advise.
3. 24 - hour PHARMACY is situated on the Ground Floor.
4. Health Check-up Desk is situated on the Ground Floor. Contact Extn. No. 1153.


a) 24 hours Ambulance services (Paediatric, Cardiac & Non-Cardiac), A.C. & Non A.C.
b) 24 hours pharmacy located on the ground floor and in CHL-CBCC Cancer Center.
c) Locker facility for depositing valuables is available at the security office. Hospital authorities are not     responsible for the loss of any valuables in the room /ward /locker.


• Chief Quality Officer (1419) / Administration Dept. (1140) ensure that everything is right. Any   complaints / problems can be communicated directly to them.
• Visiting hours are from 5.30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. only.
• Patients and their attendants are requested to restrict the number of visitors. Too many visitors could   increase infection in ward / ICU. It increases noise pollution level in hospital.
• Children below the age of 15 yrs. are prohibited in the wards/ICU as they are most prone to infection.
• Visitors are not allowed to bring food and flowers.
a) Financial arrangements for your hospital stay should be made prior to your admission. Please ask     your doctor to give you an estimate based on the treatment and duration of the stay expected.     You may take details of your Bill from Billing department between 5.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.
b) You will have to pay an initial deposit at the time of admission.
c) Subsequent deposits will be intimated to you from time to time depending on your treatment.     Please ensure to pay the same within 24 hours to avoid any inconvenience.
d) Room rents are charged on a day basis (12 Noon-12 Noon).
f) We accept Cash / Credit Card / DDs drawn in favour of (M/s. Convenient Hospitals Ltd.) All     payment, should be get cleared before surgery/discharge as applicable.
g) All payments should be made only at Cash Counter on G. Floor.
h) Please contact the Billing Manager for any clarifications. (Ex-tn. 1133)
i) Refundable amount if exceeds Rs. 20,000/- will be paid by Cheque only.
    Commission @2% will be deducted from the amount of refund, if any against payment accepted     by Credit / Debit Card.
k) Service Tax & any other taxes as per applicable local laws shall be levied over & above the final Bill.
I) 15% surcharge is levied on the hospital bill payment excluding package, doctor visit fees,     medicines & consumables.
m)25% extra charge will be levied on CT, MRI, sonography after 8pm on weekdays, on Sundays &      National Holidays.
n) 25% extra charge will be levied on packages after 8pm on weekdays, on Sundays & National      Holidays.


1. All deposit receipts are provisional and should be surrendered at the time of discharge.
2. If, during the stay of a patient, advance payment lapses if not settled within the prescribed time, the     Hospital reserves the right to transfer the patient to the General Ward or the Government Hospitals.
3. In the event of a breakdown of the computer system before the final bill is prepared, the patient     will be required to make additional deposit, approximately to the extend of final bill at the time of     his/her discharge. The final settlement of the bill will be made later on.
4. Medical Claims for reimbursement purpose will be attested by the Executive Director or Officer      on special duty.
5. All medicines should be purchased only from the Hospital Pharmacy. Medical/Surgical     consumables shall be supplied by the Hospital stores. Purchase of Medicines/Surgical     consumables from outside the Hospital is strictly prohibited.
6. Patients are advised not to keep any valuables, jewellery cash or other costly items with them     during their stay at the Hospital.
7. Patients/relatives are requested not to tip the staff as this is strictly prohibited.
8. Any employee demanding tips should be reported to the Ward incharge or to a Medical staff on         call. For any kind of suggestion or recommendation, patient or attendant can call at      administration block. (Extn. 1140)
9. For any Emergency, please contact - 0731 -2547676 or for any query, please contact - 0731-6622222


Your doctor only will advise your discharge. Once intimated, it may take upto 3 hours for the process, specially if a TPA in involved. Please check with the ward nurse for the exact discharge time. An additional day's rate is applicable after 12 noon.

Our staff will assist you in your discharge procedures :

  •  You need to come to the hospital for follow up as prescribed by your doctor (It may vary from 7 days to one month).
  •  Arrange for the medications that your doctor has prescribed (in case you are a mediclaim patient) and if not you need to buy the same from our Pharmacy and also advise you on the medicine usage.
  •  Teach you basic do's and don'ts in your diet, exercise or any other things reminder.
  • Check bedside cabinet and wardrobe to ensure no personal items are left behind.
    Follow the medication instructions and keep the follow-up appointment with the doctor. For appointment you can contact +91 731 662 1111/662 1116.


Our concern is quality care and we use patient feedback to help us improve our services. Every room has a patient satisfaction questionnaire, we request and encourage you to complete our patient satisfaction questionnaire.

  •  Your comments are valuable to us because they inform us about the service improvements we should be making and help generate staff satisfaction when you let us know we are doing well.
  •  You can also mail us your appreciation or complaints at
  • For any complaints or suggestions you can contact your Respective Floor Coordinator, the number(s) listed in your room or the administrative department.
  • If you face any problem at night you can contact at Main Reception :
    +91 731 662 1120.


1. CARE:

  • Patients have a right to receive treatment irrespective of their type of primary and associated illnesses, socio-economic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, caste, cultural preferences, linguistic and geographical origins or political affiliations.
  • Right to be heard to his/ her satisfaction without the doctor interrupting before completion of narrating their entire problem and concerns.
  • Expectation from the doctor to write the prescription legibly and explain to the patient the details of dosage, Do's and Dont's and generic options for the medicines.
  • They have to be provided with information and access on whom to contact in case of an emergency.


  • Right to personal dignity and to receive care without any form of stigma and discrimination.
  • Privacy during examination and treatment.
  • Protection from physical abuse and neglect.
  • Accommodating and respecting their special needs such as spiritual and cultural preferences.
  • Right to Confidentiality about their medical condition.


  • The information to be provided to patients are meant to be in a language of the patient's preference and in a manner that is effortless to understand.
  • Patients and / or their family members have the right to receive complete information on the medical problem, prescription, treatment and procedure details.
  • A documented procedure for obtaining patient's and / or their family's informed consent exists to enable them to make an informed decision about their care. This process is an important patient right and needs to be practiced with utmost diligence and transparency.
  • Patients have to be educated on risks, benefits, expected treatment outcomes and possible complications to enable them to make informed decisions, involve them in the care planning and delivery process.
  • Patients have right to request information on the names, dosages and adverse effects of the medication that they are treated with.
  • Patients or their authorized individuals have the right to request access and receive a copy of their clinical records.
  • Patients have right to complete information on the expected cost of treatment. The information should be presented as an itemised structure of various expenses & charges.
  • Patients have right to information on hospital rules and regulations.
  • Information on organ donation.


  • Patient has right to seek a second opinion on his/her medical condition.
  • Right to information from the doctor to provide the patient with treatment options, so that the patient can select what works best for him/her.


  • Patient has right to justice by lodging a complaint with grievance redressal cell in CHL Hospital, on +91 731 662 1140 or with govt. health authority.
  • The patient has right to a fair and prompt hearing of his/her concern.
  • The patient in addition has right to appeal to a higher authority in health care provider organisation and insist in writing on the outcome of the complaints.


I will be honest with my doctor and disclose my family / medical history.


  • I will be punctual for my appointments.
  • I will do my best to comply with my doctor's treatment plan.
  • I will have realistic expectations from my doctor and his treatment.
  • I will inform and bring to doctor's notice if it has been difficult to understand any part of the treatment or of the existence of challenges in complying with the treatment.
  • I will display intent to participate intelligently in my medical care by actively involving myself in the prescribed do-at-home activities.


  • I will do everything in my capacity to maintain healthy habits and routine that contribute to good health and take responsibility for my health.


  • I will make a sincere effort to understand my therapies which include the medicines prescribed and their associated adverse effects and other compliances for effective treatment outcomes.
  • I will not ask for surreptitious bills and false certificates, and/or advocate forcefully by unlawful means to provide me with one.
  • If I am not satisfied, I will inform and discuss with my doctor.
  • I will report fraud and wrong-doing to the grievance redressal cell of CHL-Hospitals, Indore Contact No. +91 731 662 1140
  • I will be respecting doctors and medical staff caring and treating me.
  • I will abide by hospital facility rules.
  • I will bear the agreed expenses of the treatment that are explained to me in advance and pay my bills on time.

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